Yoga ExpoYoga Expo happening in Munich, Germany, January 23-24, 2010, is a convention of Yoga and Ayurveda groups with booths, exhibits, workshops, vegetarian food and presentations including enlivening kirtan concerts with Madhava (Gauraprema Bhajan Band) and Sacinandana Swami, who will also be offering Vedic Way seminars.

Yoga is MusicYoga is Music, a series of kirtan concerts, evenings, and workshops sharing the culture of devotional call-and-response chanting of sacred mantras. Accompanied by classical Indian instruments, kirtan is an ancient art form to calm the mind, open the heart and connect with the Divine Consciousness, where everyone can participate and have their own spiritual experience. Next concert: Singing with Krishna Das and Sacinandana Swami, Berlin, June 25-27, 2010.

Yoga und Ayurveda TageYoga and Ayurveda Days in Switzerland allow visitors to integrate the experience of Yoga meditation and Ayurveda healing arts into their daily lives. Recognized therapists and experts present Vedic culture in its details and practical applications. Workshops and lectures are accompanied by an impressive cultural performance including pantomime, a concert of Indian classical music and traditional songs by musicians from Europe and India. The treasures of Vedic culture can even be experienced as delicious ayurvedic food, which rounds out the event as a satisfying happening in every respect.