The Vedic Way

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Fully Alive

To be “alive” is much more then just “living.” Living can simply mean not being dead! In Germany there is a saying: “The epitaph of an average German reads: he died at the age of twenty and was buried at the age of eighty.” Although he had been living for eighty years, he had not actually been alive. To best express what I mean by “being alive,” I have broken the word into its five letters: A - L - I - V - E.


Dear Reader,


In the following text I would like to present the five stages of the Vedic Way in a manner easy to understand.

This text is the first of many consecutive ones in which I would like to give you a taste of the kinds of knowledge and experiences taught in our courses.

It is important to me to give practical tips, already in these introductory texts, that can help you live a fulfilled, spiritual life.

All the best, love and lots of spiritual strength,

Sacinandana Swami


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