Fully Alive

To be “alive” is much more then just “living.” Living can simply mean not being dead! In Germany there is a saying: “The epitaph of an average German reads: he died at the age of twenty and was buried at the age of eighty.” Although he had been living for eighty years, he had not actually been alive. To best express what I mean by “being alive,” I have broken the word into its five letters: A - L - I - V - E.

*A* - Awareness
Appreciating the connection that we, and all of life, have with the Divine, and seeing this actively, e.g., in the “arrangements” that unfold for us (beyond our own power), and an unseen support that comes to us, with magical precision. When we are aware, we are also more grateful.

*L* - Love
Out of the fullness of awareness grows the flower of genuine love. And with this love we can truly move beyond the limits of our fears.

*I* – Intuition
Living in awareness, and in love, makes us more sensitive to the needs of others, and to what is possible, beyond our limited viewpoint. We become attuned to the insights and inner guidance available within our hearts, from the Divine, and are lead to respond to life from this place.

*V* - Victory
We have two tendencies, the constructive and the destructive, like two dogs fighting within us. The one that we nourish the most wins. As we feed our constructive nature, by nurturing the qualities above, we become alive with victory!

*E* - Excitement.
Being alive with awareness, love, inner guidance and victory is marked by one overarching symptom – excitement! We are deeply moved, day to day, at what we are a part of, what is supporting us, and what is possible. To be alive means to say “yes” to the adventure of spiritual growth!

Wishing you all the best in your spiritual practice,
Sacinandana Swami


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